Suresh Patel


Ruthless CEO of West Indian Shipping Company (b. 1998). Married to the popular Bollywood actress, Victoria Patel (formerly Victoria Stewart). Father of Kalpin Patel. Emblematic of the new India: rich, charismatic, fashionable, cosmopolitan, healthy, and competive.

Description: A handsome athletic man with a trim salt and pepper beard and exquisite choice in clothes. As befitting his role as a shipping magnate, he always has items of a nautical theme somewhere on his person.

Established Facts:

  • Recent (2044 or 2045) failures to kickstart West Indian shipping into the space launch business.

Noteworthy Skills: Athletics, Contacts, Drive (Boating), Resources


  • Charismatic Shipping Magnate
  • Icon of Modern India
  • Lord of the Sea
  • Polo is a Rich Man’s Hobby
  • Time for Plan B

Suresh Patel

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