Season 1 Credits


Black screen. An almost invisibly thin light blue line extends from top to bottom in the center of the screen.

Dennis: It was to be the greatest engineering project in human history. A ribbon of carbon nanotubes half a millimeter thick…

The image rotates 90 degrees, the line resolving into a wireframe graphic of a series of vertical tubes woven together into a mesh.

Dennis: …a meter wide…

The camera tilts back and zooms out and we can see that the line extends upward into infinite distance.

Dennis: …and a hundred thousand kilometers long.

Fade to black.

TITLE: Beanstalk

Dennis: It would be called the Beanstalk. If we could get it built.

We fade back in to a bright, friendly cartoon of the ocean. A submarine surfaces, with eyes on the conning tower and a wide smiling mouth on the front.

TITLE: Starring Bryan Wong

A hatch pops open on the conning tower and Dennis sticks his head and shoulders out. He’s wearing a blue nautical coat, white captain’s cap, and has the Goh-Goh Kohla eel perched on his shoulder like a parrot. A bandicoot runs out of the conning tower and dives off into the ocean, swimming away. The camera rises from the ocean into the sky, where a sleek private jet is flying by.

TITLE: Sridevi

We zoom into the window and see Sashi sitting at a table with a screen and keyboard open in front of her, a videoconference image off to one side, and a plate of cheese and crackers to the others. As she types and talks, a bandicoot jumps onto the table steals a piece of cheese, and runs off toward the back of the plane. The camera pans left and zooms into the videoconference image, which shows…

TITLE: Gal Gadot

Saraphina. When we zoom back out, she’s standing in her club holding a drink. She waves away the videoconference image and turns, walking through a door. When she emerges from the other side, she’s wearing chef’s whites and holding a cleaver. As the camera pans into a professional kitchen, we see a pan sitting on the counter with a bandicoot with its head in it. Renata brandishes the cleaver and starts chasing the bandicoot through the kitchen. The camera zooms out the window and back into the sky, where a space elevator tether is dangling from a blimp.

TITLE: Asel Sagatova

We pan down the tether through the clouds to find, just below them, Inkar performing a Mallakhamba routine on the tether. As she does, a bandicoot runs out of the clouds and past her down the tether. The camera pans away and flies back to ground level, where we find a long, low building. The camera rushes up to it and zooms through a window.

TITLE: Pradeep

Inside, we find a lab, where Pradeep and a man in a business suit exchange briefcases. Pradeep opens his and finds it full of money. The other man opens his and a bandicoot jumps out, startling him, and runs away. The man pulls out a pistol and aims it at Pradeep, who dives behind a lab bench.

TITLE: Idris Elba

As the man fires his pistol at the lab bench Pradeep is hiding behind, Elias runs up from the side and tackles him sending the gun skittering across the floor. As Elias restrains him, the bandicoot runs across the fallen man and through the door into the next room.

TITLE: with John Hurt

The camera follows the bandicoot, which scampers through the doorway into another lab and stops, looking around. Suddenly, Irwin appears around a large piece of equipment and starts chasing the bandicoot around the lab in his hover chair. He eventually runs over the bandicoot and zooms off.

TITLE: and Bandit

The camera zooms in on the bandicoot, which is now lying on its back with all four paws straight up in the air and Xs over its eyes.


Season 1 Credits

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