Raw notes from Water Works

Game Aspect: Water Works

Episode 1.1
Wednesday 28 June 2045

2025, Kerala province, India
Opens with an overcast beach, thunder in the distance. US attack helicopters flying along the beach from the south. US Marines inside, Sashi and Makarev inside. The helos fly into the city.

US helo gets shot down. Sashi takes control and crashes on a building. Pradeep sees this and runs to assist. When he recognizes Makarev, he decides to help Sashi and him escape the firefight. They go down into the lab and then proceed to the facility via the sewer system.

They emerge in the Midas facility in the midst of a firefight. They manage to work their way through the compound to the guard compound. THey give Pradeep, Sashi, and Makarev access, and Corey turns the facility back on as the credits roll.


The scene begins at Terpsichore. Seraphina is greeting everyone. Irwin rolls up, being beligerent. Dennis is with him, half apologizing. Inga is at the bar. Pradeep is much older than before, the 2045 of too much plastic surgery, but with life extension techniques. Zara is also here.

Dennis goes up to the top level and into a private room, where Sashi and Makarev are chatting.

THey are discussin West Indian Shipping, which is bidding on a maritime base for the space elevator.

Planetary Resources is probably pro SE. Fox Minerals would not welcome the competition.

Makarev feels that he’s being pressured into the maritime platform. He wants to buy some time, but also find out what WIS is up to. They’re holding something back.

According to Zara, who is close to Mrs. Victoria Patel:
Suresh is cagey about anything related to the space elevator. “We’ll take it up at Atlantis,” is what they say. This seems to be a confidential location.

Goh-Goh Sec delves into investigation. By using an army of interns and Pradeep’s contacts, facilitated by Seraphina’s online investigation, they discover Patel’s off-shore facility.
Aspect: “That other guy at all the meetings” [Sergei Mikhailov – GAZPROM, oligarch]
Irwin is able to get the team aboard the dolphin research vessel. Dennis is able to provide a luxury advertising submarine to deliver the team.

Sashi will meet with Patel away from the Seabase. Sergei will be at Atlantis. Meeting is Friday July 7 at the Red Trident.

Chiranjeevi Mhasalkar (Cherry) is Patel’s secretary. Dennis slept with her, but doesn’t remember her name. She wants to see him while Sashi is in Mumbai.

Submarine prep: Seraphina’s knock-out grenades. It is painted with the University of Western Australia colors and logo.

Plan: Launch sub from research vessel, Inga infiltrates from the sub, bandicoot helps to provide onsite recon

Irwin is able to establish an emergency link whereby Sashi and Dennis can send morse code via vital signs that is relayed through the dolphin vital monitoring system.

Pradeep is “in charge,” telling the helmsman (intern) how to drive. They detect another sub, and Irwin uses the dolphins to identify a large, menacing submarine closing in.

Pradeep establishes a connection, and Seraphina begins to explain the details of dolphin research to the captain of the bad sub. Irwin is a bit testy, a bit loudly, about her lack of professional credentials. The captain advises them to keep their distance from the private waters of the seabase.

Meanwhile in Mumbai…
Patel joins the meeting with Sashi. He tells his assistant that he’ll need a helo in 20 minutes. Sashi tries to get him to stay longer, but unsuccessfully.

On the sub…
Irwin, with Pradeep’s help, gets the dolphins to create an echolocation distraction, so Inga and Seraphina can launch with the bandicoot capsule and use a dolphin to get to the seabase.

Back in Mumbai…
Sashi continues to engage Patel, but he is a busy man and needs to leave.

On the sub…
Inga finds an undersea ingress point to the seabase via the water treatment facility. They deploy the bandicoot.

In Mumbai…
Sashi mentions polo. He tries to turn the conversation back to business, but too late. He’s totally into a polo conversation.

At sea…
The bandicoot is reconning the seabase. The team notes a man in an expensive suit, who turns out to be Emilio Borgia. He is a well-connected, shady businessman in the investment business. He’s here with his team.
Irwin takes a guess (Of course I know where it is!) and discovers the server room via the bandicoot.
Inga and Seraphina sneak into a storage closet. Inga’s iOne autopicks the lock, and they swipe some maids’ uniforms. It seems like someone almost recognizes Seraphina, but she bats her eyes, “puts on a mask,” and gets by.
They go into the bar on the way to the server room to bring clean glasses. Borgia, with unsavory tastes, becomes interested in the two attractive maids. He asks Seraphina to make him a drink.
She mixes him the perfect mickey, and gives them to his crew, too.
Inga uploads the needed info to her iOne. And everyone gets out.

Meanwhile out on the town…
Dennis woos Cherry with gifts, regal treatment at dinner, and general charm. He gains a lots of information about Patel’s contacts with Borgia.

Sashi analyzes the data and learns that there are intentional flaws built in to the WIS plan for the maritime base.

Raw notes from Water Works

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