Mohinder Singh

Infamous gangster and Bollywood financier, heavily involved in human trafficking, illegal drugs, and racketeering. Despite his unsavory amoral character, he has a reputation for fair dealing. Just beware that he defends his domain ruthlessly and is extraordinarily possessive of things (and people) that he considers his.

Description: A regal looking and handome Indian man with a trim beard and salt and pepper hair. He
looks younger than his 50+ years. Extraordinarily well dressed in the latest fashions, especially
favoring red, blacks, and purples.

Established Facts:

  • Sponsored Zara Khan’s acting career until she fled the industry.

Noteworthy Skills: Provoke, Will, Contacts, Resources


  • The Lion of Bollywood
  • The Lord of the Underworld
  • What’s Mine is Mine
  • A Reputation for Fair Dealing
  • Release the Hounds

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Mohinder Singh

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