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Welcome to the Beanstalk Wiki!

This is your guide to the exciting, corporate world of 2045. We hope you will find it a handy reference to the people, places, and technology of the day.

If you need to get caught up on the past 30 years, check out the (uncomprehensive) history of the world from 2015-2045. Or cut to the Encyclopedia of the World for quick reference.

Also see our guide to Culture in 2045, a list of sovereign Megacorps, and Other Groups you should know about.

We also have an Episode Guide, a collection of game notes, and the obligatory quotes page.

Now Available: The Beanstalk Boxed Set, including previously unseen Character Episodes!

Finally, to be fully up to speed, check out the Original Microscope Worldbuilding session notes that brought the world of Beanstalk to life.

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Main Page

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