Langare (English: “Gimpy”) is a Somali shipping magnate who made it as a pirate before turning legit.

Established Facts:

  • Saved the life of Dennis Goh when his yacht was captured, thus incurring a life debt. (This event happened some time ago)
  • Supervised a team of corporate ninjas as they stole a decoy tether prototype in Demeter. Recognized Dennis and made the team as Makarev associates.
  • Appeared to be in charge of AfriTek security during the Tether demonstration that went bad in Episode 1.2 “Bag of Beans”. Recognized Renata and Sashi.
  • Employed by Afritek
  • Funded directly by shell companies traceable to Mohinder Singh. Frequents Singh’s clubs.
  • Owns Arun Kapil.

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