Encyclopedia of the World

A quick reference for places in the world of 2045.

Afghanistan – the global center of cutting edge biotech.

Australia – a free market corporatocracy, dominated by Fox Minerals and ruled by the Murdoch

Brazil -

Canada -

China – China went to war with Google in 2019, which led to the end of the Great Firewall. China also engaged in nuclear war with Russia in 2032.

European Union -

Iceland -

India – major provider of geothermal energy to Europe

Indonesia -

Iran -

Israel -

Japan -

Korea -

Malaysia -


Pakistan -

Russia -

Saudi Arabia – ruled by King Muqrin bin Abdulaziz (b. 1945), who is the world’s first centenarian ruler, thanks to advances in medical technology.

Singapore – Home to the space elevator!

Somalia -

United States – the United States ceased to be major power after the disastrous election of 2024 and the The Water War of 2026.

United Kingdom -

Encyclopedia of the World

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