Emelio Borgia

A large man of indeterminate age. Wealthy. Possibly involved in resource extraction. Shows up in unsavory situations. Works with Sergey Mikhailov and does at least some business with West Indian Shipping Company. Comes from money. Probable ties to the Russian or Italian mob (or both).

Known Aspects:

  • The Bull
  • Old School Aristocrat

Known Aliases:

  • Antonio Valentino

Introduced in 1.1 “Water Works”

  • Slipped a super-micky by Seraphina
  • Established that he has dealings with Suresh Patel and the he would like Makarev’s space elevator to fail.
  • Also established that he is an old school aristocrat

Episode 1.2 “Bag of Beans”

  • Present at the AfriTek Tether Demonstration, where he bailed out of the dirigible at first sign of trouble
  • Recognized Renata from when Seraphina slipped him a micky. Seems intent on revenge…
  • Recognized Elias Renda [Jame’s PC] and made mention of the fact that Renda should owe him something. Implied mafia connections.
  • Appeared deferential to Barak Wabara

Episode 1.3 “Greener Grass”

  • Present when Aziz was trying to sell his reclaimed aslant to Daedalus and left just in time for the Reaper attack.
  • Captured by the party, interrogated, and convinced to de-invest from AfriTek and instead put his money into Deadalus.
  • Definitely harbors a weird grudge against Saraphina and likely has murderous thoughts towards Dennis.

Emelio Borgia

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