BRF 134

To: Dennis Goh
From: Irwin Moreau
Date: June 3rd, 2034
SuJ: Need for Cover Identity


You absolutely must set me up some kind of “cover” as I believe it is referred to. I need to get my latest paper “Lactose Intolerance in the Southern Brown Bandicoot” out to the Journal of Small Marsupials (JSM) before that bastard Stevens at the University of New South Wales get’s his paper out. The man wouldn’t know a wallaby from a muskrat! I can’t publish under my own name anymore or that slimy piece of trash Murdoch III will track me down. I’d need a “cover” to have a degree from a decent school that just a bit off the beaten track. Any of the California schools would do (except UCLA – those ungrateful wretched refused me for tenure, something about “inappropriate” treatment of animal test subjects!). They can take away my legs. They can take away my freedom. BUT I NEED TO BE PEER REVIEWED!


P.S. I have also attached my BRF (Bandicoot Replacement Form) # 134.

BRF 134

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