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  • People

    [[The Angel | The Angel]] [[Arun Kapil | Arun Kapil, MP]] [[Aziz | Aziz]] [[Barak Wabara]] (b. 9/11/2008) [[Bruce Zheng | Bruce Zheng]] [[Carlos Slim]] [[Chiranjeevi Mhasalkar | Chiranjeevi "Cheri" Mhasalkar]] [[Corey Makarev]] (b. 1992) [[CORTANA …

  • Jan Svenson

    Particle physicist. Head of research program at Camp Pendleton, CA during the water war. Also has published several papers (with [[Martina Olsen | Martina Olsen]] on libertarian economics. Organized, good people skills. Rival of Irwin, who also worked …

  • Steffon Levinski

    An old buddy of Ingkar. A former circus acrobat who married an American and moved to California to work as a climbing guide.

  • Martina Olsen

    Colleague of [[Jan Svenson | Jan Svenson]] who published several economics papers with him prior to the Water Wars. Daughter of four generations of Idaho potato farmers, until the family was wiped out by the potato blight in the early 2020s. Graduate of …

  • Jorge Ramirez

    Private security consultant. Served at Camp Pendleton with [[:ian-mackenzie | Ian Mackenzie]] during [[The Water War of 2026 | the Water War of 2026]]. Now works for [[Atlas Security | Atlas Security]].

  • Jim Watkins

    Head of Daedalus research. Worked for Boeing on cloaking technology in the teens.

  • Thue Noh

    Head of [[Infinite Hope Group | Infinite Hope Group]]. Daughter of a victim of the MH370 crash. A professor of oceanography at Western Australia University.

  • Jerry Connell

    Works in Dominance archives. Lives on a farm in Haymarket where he raises alpacas; with his life partner. Civil War I reinactor specializing in artillery and furry.


    The [[DOMinance | DOMinance]] internal network AI.

  • Arun Kapil

    A Singapore MP opposed to Daedalus. Born in the early 2000s. Married (to a member of the local Indian community), no children. Made his money in shipping. Immigrated from India to attend college. First elected to Parliament in 2040. Represents an …

  • Jade

    AI leader of [[Mohinder Singh | Mohinder Singh]]'s Mumbai ultimate fighting commandos.

  • Georgios Morakis

    Greek smuggler. Owns data haven in the Balkans. Primary business is smuggling weapons from Italy into the Balkans on behalf of [[Emelio Borgia | Emelio Borgia]]. Headquarters is a monastery on a mountaintop on the Greek - Macedonian border.

  • Dominique

    Assistant to [[Francois | Francois]]. Worked her way through med school as a Goh Goh model.

  • Durani

    Afghan warlord who allegedly works with the Red Jade Triad. Had a cyber hand. Flattened by a drone.

  • Vikram Swati

    A Singapore government functionary involved in property management. Has close ties to [[West Indian Shipping Company | West Indian Shipping Company]].

  • Janet Yeoh

    Singapore government functionary responsible for IT infrastructure construction and maintenance.

  • Victoria Patel

    Famous Bollywood actress. Married to [[Suresh Patel | Suresh Patel]], mother of [[Kalpin Patel | Kalpin Patel]]. One of Zara's clients. Maiden name Victoria Stewart.

  • Kalpin Patel

    Son of [[Suresh Patel | Suresh Patel]] and [[Victoria Patel | Victoria Patel]]. Heir to West Indian Shipping and most eligible bachelor in India. Hot, too.

  • Dinesh Avninder

    Mysterious old-fashioned gentleman. Associate of [[Yuliana Filipova | Yuliana Filipova]] and [[Emelio Borgia | Emelio Borgia]].

  • Yuliana Filipova

    Redheaded associate of [[Dinesh Avninder | Dinesh Avninder]] and [[Emelio Borgia | Emelio Borgia]].

  • Kostyantayn Wasylyk

    Ran the [[Neverland | Neverland]] data haven. Killed by the South American mob after taking the wrong wetware contract.

  • La Diabla

    Octavia Gutierrez. Bolivian narcoterrorist. Likes to play advisor to mob leaders. Most recently based in Afghanistan. Believed killed in tragic surface-to-air missile accident.

  • The Angel

    Mob boss. Real name: Mr. Karoshi. Iranian technofuturist. Well known transhumanist. Heavily involved in drug trade, human trafficking, and dubious medical experimentation.

  • Susheela Chaudray

    The best drunken brain surgeon within 100 meters of where Dennis was standing when he decided he needed the best brain surgeon in Singapore.

  • Jung Kim

    Detective, Singapore PD. Slightly corrupt friend of Dennis.

  • Tu Wang

    Union troublemaker. Influential in the Singapore dockworkers union; in the pay of [[Mohinder Singh | Mohinder Singh]].

  • Quentin Colburn

    California venture capitalist. Prominent futurist and proponent of the Singularity. Douchebag.

  • Bruce Zheng

    Warlord client of Pradeep's. Once worked for the Singapore government, but now persona non grata there.

  • Lee Loong

    Nationalist prime minister of Singapore. Represents 13th district.