Water Works

To: Corey Makarev
From: Dennis Goh
Date: 8 July 2045
Subj: Suresh Patel


On the way back from Mubai tonight, but here’s some important information on the recent tasking.

Sashi met with Patel last night. Seems he was quite cagey at first, but eventually opened up about some of his plans for WIS and the proposed maritime base for the beanstalk.

Meanwhile, the rest of our team accessed Patel’s secret se base lair (who has one of those?) that he calls Atlantis. Got access to a dolphin research vessel and used a spare Goh-Goh Kolah sub to get close. Pradeep piloted in while Inga, Seraphina, and Irwin’s bandicoot infiltrated the place.

Looks like Patel is keeping some interesting company these days. Gazprom’s Sergey Mikhailov was there, as was Emelio Borgia. Not sure what exactly they’re up to, but we’ll find out. Patel is seeing lots of them, though-in both Europe and Mumbai. Managed to get that info out of his secretary.

Most important is what Sashi found in the data they recovered. Looks like West Indian has incorporated some deep, secret elements in their plans that look an awful lot like structural sabotage. Recommend another option for base station.

Keep you posted.


Appendices: Session raw notes; BRF 135


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