Greener Grass

To: Corey Makarev
From: Dennis Goh
Date: 30 August 2045
Subj: Greener Grass


Things evolved quickly after the Reaper attack. Team spotted Borgia just before everything went down. Later learned that he had assembled a squad of thugs in Italy, and they conveniently worked themselves into position on Sentosa just to witness the attack. Cute, huh? In the midst of the chaos, we “invited” Borgia back to Terpsichore for a nice dinner. (Fortunately, Goh-Goh Sec’s new AI assistant knew how to fly Borgia’s helo, since the thugs who weren’t invited and remained unconscious on the helipad, unable to fly it themselves.)

Over dinner and intense negotiations (that guy has a temper!) Borgia realized where the greener grass is, and agreed to divest from AfriTek and put his money behind Daedalus. Still don’t trust him at all, but figure we should keep friends close and enemies closer. Also hope that his investment will insulate Daedalus from the worst of his espionage. Probably have to get some extra bodyguards for myself, though.

Other important points team dug up during investigation:

Before getting to Sentosa, Borgia received a hand-off of some sort from Gimpy, who had a hand in outfitting the Reapers for this attack.

Also, Sachi recommends against pursing that new island deal further, but Du Zheng Zheng can get us a good deal on another location. Her shipping company was also involved in the attack, though not sure she’ complicit. All the more reason to keep a close eye on her.

Should be aware that likely organizer of the attack was Joey Gongalong. Will be a problem moving ahead. Will get on it.

Keep you posted.


RisusMonkey madmadmad

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