Good News!

(and bad news.)

To: Corey Makarev
From: Dennis Goh
Date: 2 June 2045
Subj: Great Event!


Smashing good time at your kick-off event this evening! The mall cops were the perfect touch!

The good news is Gimpy stole your prototype! The bad news is he knows that the team works for me, and that I work for you. Guess it was inevitable, but was hoping to keep the operation under wraps for a bit longer.

No worries. Gimpy says he needs it for a month (guessing he doesn’t have an engineering A team), but I’ll be appropriately “worried” until we get it back.

Keep you posted.


P.S. – I’ll have a word with Apollonia about her new Cheese Man. He comes highly regarded but I sampled everything on that spread after the corporate ninjas left, and it was all a bit off.

Correspondence from Irwin Moreau: BRF 134


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