BRF 135

Effects of Chlorine Fumes on Bandicoot Respiration

To: Dennis Goh
From: Irwin Moreau
Date: July 9th, 2034
SuJ: Effects of Chlorine Fumes on Bandicoot Respiration


Great news! Scientific progress has been advanced! The bandicoot died!! Apparently the little bastards are very sensitive to chlorine fumes, triggering a fatal allegric reaction. I’ve attached a proposal to develop and market a Bandicoot Control Spray to deal with unwanted bandicoot infestations. Which reminds me, I was finally able to clean out the C-2 lab. Next time I’ll include an emergency stop button for the Bandicoot Cloning Device.


P.S. I have also attached my BRF (Bandicoot Replacement Form) # 135.


RisusMonkey gamerdad_dc

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